Welcome to Bostrom Farm

We are a Massachusetts farm, producing grass-fed beef and pork. We offer fine quality meats by practicing sustainable grazing methods.

Our farm is not a mono culture -- it is a web, interdependent, and encompassing all existing natural living components needed for our farm products to thrive and grow. We are not reliant on organic fertilizers or amendments from far away. We conserve and transform energy from the sun and soil into nutrients for our animals and plants, which in turn are combined and nurtured to create energy for the human.

When consuming our products, you eat and taste the system, the climate, the love and work from the farmer.

Our goal is to feed the soil, which, combined with careful husbandry, produces plants and animals that are strong, high in immunity, and able to fight off pests, disease, blight, fungus, and drought stress, resulting in products free of pesticides, hormones, and other medicines, organic or conventional, for plant or animal.

About Us

What we do and why we are passionate about it!

Outdoor Venue Space for Weddings/Celebrations

Socially distant venue for weddings and celebrations.

Farm News

Annual Flowers, Herbs and Vegetable Plants

Mums and Pumpkins are ready! Big Patio Pots 2/$25

Fresh Meat available starting 9/29

Fresh Products Available

Next Meat CSA will begin in January.

10 lbs of assorted been/pork each month for 4 months