About Bostrom Farm

About Bostrom Farm

Terrior is the taste of a food based on its soil, climate and farm system. It is a concept founded on the understanding that what you do the soil you do to your food, and by extension, to yourself. It is an acknowledgment that the land responds to the love and care of those fortunate enough to cultivate it.

It is with this ideal in mind that we farm our grassland plateau in the Green River Meadows of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Our farm is situated in the foothills of the Berkshires on rich alluvial soil that is high in minerals, providing structure and nourishment for plants to thrive in the New England Climate.

As stewards of this land, we have established a food system loop that maximizes the healthiness of our product and minimizes negative impacts on the environment.

The system is initiated by certified organic Jersey cows grazing, resting and ruminating amongst the perennial bluegrass and white clover pasture. The milk they produce provides sustenance for our calves and pigs, and is sold at local retailers.

As our animals progress through the season, their purpose in this loop is beyond creamy rich, organic milk. The manure from our cows and pigs also provides valuable nutrients to the soil.

Winter housed and reared on deep pine and straw bedded packs. Capturing manure, nutrients and holding it among the carbon stock pile of the bedding. To be composted for later use in vegetable crops- providing fertility and life for soil organic matter. To hold water, nutrients, aid in pest defense and beyond all add flavor.

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