Plant Order Form

Plant Order Form

Spring is here and it's time to start planting.  Now more than ever, getting outside and growing some food or adding some beauty to your landscape is great for your mental and physical health!

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$50.00 Minimum Order, Greenfield Addresses Only

Tomato Plants $1.50 Each

Tomato Flats - 10 Plants - $12.50 per flat

Herb Plants $3.50 each

Herb Flats - 10 Plants - $20.00 per flat

Peppers - Six Packs - $3.50 each

Peppers - Flats - $20.00 per flat

Egg Plant $1.75 each or $15 for a flat

Brussel Sprouts $3.50 per 6 pack or $20 per flat

Pot Flowers-Four Inch $3.00 each

Flower Flats - Four Inch $25.00 per flat of 10

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